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Healthy Hearing, Healthy Life

Senior Couple Looking for Hearing Aids

Hearing well involves more than just getting enough volume; it's about achieving better clarity.  Now is the time to start hearing the way you were meant to hear! 


Freedom Audiology is a locally owned practice serving patients in the Goodyear, Chandler and Prescott areas with the goal of educating the community about hearing loss, tinnitus and hearing-related issues.


By combining patient-centered care with the latest  hearing aid technology solutions, we help our patients achieve their maximum hearing potential. 


At your initial consultation, your audiologist will create a highly customized treatment plan that fits your listening needs as well as your financial expectations.  Book an appointment today! 

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To book an appointment, please give us a call at (623) 696-5817 or send an appointment request email to

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Insurance Partners

We accept insurance for hearing aids from several major insurance providers


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